Carlos Tsoi

Carlos Tsoi

Art Director

Carlos grew up in a hot, humid oven also known as Maracaibo, Venezuela. Besides being hot, the city is known for its old and beautiful architecture and extremely friendly people.

Carlos's path towards the creative world started at LUZ in Maracaibo where he studied Graphic Design. He decided to jump on a plane to California where the latest and most innovating design, VFX and animations were taking place. Eventually, this brought him to San Francisco where he studied Animation at the Academy of Art University.

Carlos is known for his comical demeanor that can lift the spirits of the most sleep-deprived production team. He’s a veteran and honorary member of the company's “bad knees club” and is always up for entertaining the troops with one of his many hidden/useless talents, such as juggling or magic tricks – a result of an abundance of rendering throughout his career.

Carlos is an extremely talented designer and animator with a passion for design and telling a good story. Outside of the office, he enjoys playing music, playing fútbol, and hanging out with his family, friends and el perro, Jugo.