Eli Woo

Eli Woo


A Bay Area local, Eli was born and raised in San Jose, California. As an entirely self-taught designer, he understands the value of constant personal growth. For him, being a student is not so much a state of affairs as it is an ideology. Eli always strives to be at the intersection of art and technology, and truly believes that visual storytelling is as equally important as algebra. He is a true minimalist, always looking for the simplest, most elegant, solution to even the most complex problems.

Eli has a strong passion for photography and has spent so much time in darkroom it may have altered the chemical composition of his brain (we hope for the better!). He has an entire fridge dedicated to storing his vast collection of film, and owns more cameras he can count. If he wasn’t a designer he would be working in aerospace, and we still can’t rule out that, in the future, he might end up on Mars somehow.

Other than art and science, Eli enjoys video games, camping, and pizza. On the weekends he can be found at one of the Bay Area’s many galleries and museums, eating Dim Sum, or simply watching Netflix.