Lauren Lindberg

Lauren Lindberg

Project Manager

Don’t let the Barcelona coordinates tattooed on her arm fool you, Lauren was born and raised in Northern California (hella cool, right?). Having been attracted to filmmaking at a young age, it was no surprise when she took off to pursue a BFA in documentary film at Chapman University in Southern California.

In the low-budget world of documentary, Lauren found herself wearing many hats (often at the same time). Whether directing, producing, shooting or editing, she became very aware of how communication and the ability to find creative solutions could make or break a team, and she decided to dedicate her skillset to making sure all of the moving parts of creative production flowed seamlessly.

Lauren is happiest surrounded by creative people who strive towards innovation and was drawn to First Person for that very reason. When she’s not at work, she is swimming, doodling, eating sushi, or walking her puppy.