Meg Underwood

Meg Underwood

Project Manager

A native of Henderson, Kentucky, Meg now calls the Berkeley hills home. She came to San Francisco wanting to prolong her stay in California and found it was the right mix of color, food, and people that drew her in a similar capacity as other cities like New Orleans and Rome.

Meg has degrees in Psychology and History from Tulane University and a degree in Photography from the Brooks Institute. She found production to be her career calling through a process of elimination from the many disciplines she has studied and worked in.

She connected with First Person at an industry-networking event she was hosting, where she awarded founder Brandon Grande with a “late guy” sticker for his tardiness. She was hired a week later.

Meg counts giving Brandon Grande a hard time as an enjoyable hobby. She also loves photography, long walks in the Berkeley hills, cooking, and recruiting members to her Scooter gang.