A Trip Past The Moon...

The VMware Galaxy

How do you show your staff—the people that made you who you are, that gave you your culture of innovation and the ability to reach for the stars—your appreciation for them?

Send them to space! 

VMware has grown from a company of 5 people in 1998, to a worldwide business with 20,000 staff, all while keeping innovation, research, and development at  the forefront of their culture. First Person’s challenge was to create an opening video for VMware’s Research and Development Internal Offsite (RADIO) event that would excite, engage and showcase the many achievements VMware has had over the years.

Abstracted clouds of points and webs describe large sets of interconnected data as galaxies, highlighting VMware’s growth and successes. We represented VMware's bold, big thinking for the future, and the interconnectivity between their ideas, while expressing limitless possibilities.

Vmw 4165 Radio Still02

Vmw 4165 Radio Still01

Vmw 4165 Radio Still03