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The Giants

A Long Time Ago

The story of the Nine Giant

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Cincinnati, a band of Giants roamed the hills of our fair city. Remaining largely hidden in the shadows, the Giants proudly imbibed in the fruits of Cincinnati's once great brewing culture. Unable to stomach the fizzy, yellow light lager that replaced our great beer, the Giants laid down to rest. Over the years, the trees and fields grew over these slumbering beasts. Despite the allure of over-roasted Starbucks coffee and McGriddle sandwiches, the Giants slept...waiting for real beer to return.

Recently, the giant simply named "Nine" awakened in Pleasant Ridge. While the world around him has changed (Radiohead, "tweeting", hipster colonies in OTR), one constant remains - Nine is thirsty. For beer. Really good beer.

Beer that blends the best of the brewing culture he knew before with the flair of the modern beer renaissance. Preferably without nutmeg and cinnamon. Oh, and he needs snacks. Snacks fit for a giant. Or groups of humans.

The Identity

Brewery & Kitchen

Nine Giant is a small batch craft brewery and kitchen focusing on a continuously evolving craft beer experience. Nine Giant embraces variation, metamorphosis, and chance in the unique profiles of it’s beer. This introduced a perpetual evolution and surprise into how the brand platform supports the Nine Giant story. Nine Giant needed a playful brand story, a logo to match and a series of character based icons that could be used to help evolve that story over time. We also were tasked to design: glassware, menus, coasters, stickers, growler labels and a variety of swag.

03 Identity Box 01

The Brand Kit

Versitile, Hip and Bold

Ng Icon 02

Nine Giant Icon

This is the main Nine Giant logo featuring the giant “Nine”. In true icon form, it works in black & white, color, alpha with an abstract quality that leaves the viewer wanting more. The logo was created from the concept of the giants awaking from under the trees, rising up from the earth. 

Ng Ngonly 02


Nine Giant requested an initial only version of their logo for simplicity and variety of uses from menu placement, hats, shirts and signage. 

Nin Swag01


The brand kit we developed provides a versitile library of logos, giants and colors. Nine Giant wanted to be able to keep the swag fresh and unique. They also needed to have options for logo usage depending on the item. The “ng” is being used for hats, while the giant icon is great for t-shirts. 

Nin Glassware01

Growlers & Glassware

The tulip glasses are using the “ng” logo, so it displays big, bold and clean. The growlers feature the full icon logo with the Nine Gaint backstory. 

Nin Poster01

Event Posters

Nine Giant requested elements to create specific event posters throughout the year. 

Clyde Brown Nine Giant Beer Release
Save Ferris Bw Nine Giant Beer Release
Silence Kit IPA Nine Giant Beer Release

One Year Later

Standing out of the crowd

Over the past year, the quality and cohesiveness of the Nine Giant brand has enabled the company to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. As one of the smaller local breweries, it can be difficult to cost effectively reach new customers. Nine Giant constantly hears from patrons (particularly those in a creative field) that their branding is extraordinary. The fun, modern and sleek brand imagery created by First Person has had a very real impact on the companies bottom line that will only continue to grow over the coming years.

We regularly hear that customers chose to visit us for the first time solely because, “our logo looked the coolest.”

Brandon Hughes, Co-Owner of Nine Giant
Four Nine Giant Anniversary Posters