Bringing Motion to Brands


New Life

When VMware partnered with First Person to help bring new life to their Software Defined Data Center: Insights video, the partnership yielded a new and dynamic approach to a multitude of animated videos for YouTube, internal video channels and even visuals shipped in products.  

The result of this partnership was a new way of approaching moving visuals for VMware’s brand. It brought new life into a strong and well known brand, but most importantly, the animation style opened the door to non-tech savvy clients while still allowing expert brand users to see how VMware’s products and services could work for them. 

Vmw Brand Evolution Thumb

Change Your Point of View

As leaders in the virtual infrastructure and networking space, VMware was looking for a new way of dynamically expressing their brand leadership visually. We saw this as an opportunity to restructure and reconsider the way content would be delivered. 

Without specifically calling out servers and physical things, we abstracted ideas into beautiful animations so that anybody, of any IT level, could understand the complex story.

Continuous Evolution

The SDDC Insights animations were a success. VMware and First Person created a simple way of explaining extrememly technical processes and bring new life to the VMware brand and customers wanted to see more!

Then First Person was offered the opportunity to work to rethink the animations and style of the configuration steps for VMware’s EVORail. Let’s face it; watching a loading bar can be very boring. Because of this VMware wanted to make their audience excited and engaged while installing their EVORail system. No small task, but we were up for the challenge.

Vmw Brand Evolution 03

Life & Personality

By giving these characters life, we did something very difficult, we made it exciting to watch a loading screen. By creating simple characters made of primitive shapes each animation has its own fun, cheeky and hard working persona. The animated characters explain what is happening in each part of the loading sequence using simple shapes and abstract movements to guide the very technical process. You follow their tasks and movements as they piece together the parts that make the EVORail deployment. This gave the audience something interesting, exciting and engaging to watch while making the loading process simple and fun.