Cisco Collaborative Knowledge

Working Better Together

The team at Cisco Collaborative Knowledge came to us wanting a video demonstrating how their integrated solution helps organizations identify and develop next generation leaders, skills-up workers, and speeds knowledge-sharing that lead to breakthrough innovations in this new digital economy. This video was to be shown at the annual Cisco Live event.

First Person went to work creating a humorous and engaging storyline that follows a multinational entertainment company tackling the challenges of bringing a voice activated remote to the market using Cisco Collaborative Knowledge. We built a cast of characters from project leads to new hires, seeing first hand how each team member contributes to bringing this new product to market. Our story is told through the perspective of Pooja the HR Manager, with a fast pace editorial style makes for unique opportunities to showcase the collaborative elements of the Cisco Collaborative Knowledge Platforms enabling our company to work better in the digital age. 

The Results

The video was hugely successful, creating an enormous amount of buzz for the Cisco Collaborative Knowledge team generating a sale of the platform during the Cisco Live event.

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How We Did It

To pull-off the live-action production First Person enlisted the directorial help of Paper Dog, the partnership of Damon Brennen and Chris Parisi. Everything was shot in one day using the Cisco San Jose offices as the location. Because of the aggressive shot list, for part of the day Damon and Chris split up the crew shooting two scenes at the same time. Once it was shot, the team raced to the finish, compositing the Cisco Collaborative Knowledge UI into each shot.