Golden State Warriors

Opening Video and Team Visuals

Warrior Spirit

A Championship Season

The Golden State Warriors were making incredible strides on the court and there were hints of the greatness to come, but before their historic season they looked to First Person to create something special for the screens of Oracle Arena. We set out on a truly collaborative creative process which hinged on a great deal of work with many from the Warriors staff.

This wasn’t going to be a just a highlight reel, but something that embodied a new direction for the team and gave something for Golden State’s faithful fans to really stand up and cheer about. The opening video which was developed under the title of Warrior Spirit aimed to show that there was more to the team than just athletics.

For the new season we developed a new look for player introductions and explored the Bay Area to capture the people and places that the Warriors play for which continues to enrich their online and home court visuals.

Gw Opening

Opening Video

Every game of the championship season was tipped off by this energetic story of Warrior Spirit. We continued to collaborate with the Warriors staff to evolve the video as the season went through the playoffs to championship. 

Gw Season

A New Season

This is a sampling of some of the footage we shot throughout the Bay Area. Over two days we wanted to capture more than the sights, but show the people that make up the Warriors great fan base. Also included is the new look that First Person created for the 2015-2016 season.

Gsw Pics1
Gsw Pics2
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The Shoot

Home Court and The Team

It was crucial for the concept that we were able to include the the home of the Warriors and the players themselves. First person was given incredible access to Oracle Arena as well as the Warriors media day. Getting to the heart of “Warriors Ground” was very important to the narrative of the opening video. We wanted so show the progression of the Warriors Spirit from the locker room to the hardwood.

The time we were lucky enough to spend on the court, in the locker rooms and with the players made some serious Warriors fans out of the First Person team.

Gsw Pics7
Gsw Pics8
Gsw Pics9
Gsw Pics10
Gsw Pics11
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Design Process

Crafting the Look

The First Person team painstakingly animated the visuals that enhance game footage which embodies the spirt of each player and the fans. Our designers were able to get back to their artistic roots and their enthusiasm at doing this is evident in the results.

With the new season the attitude shifted from fantastic energy to the gritty real world. The fans, the Bay Area and the pureness of the game of basket ball were central to the designs for the 2015-2016 seaso.

“Look at this thing. They know what they’re doing. I really like the way whoever made this video approached the face sunrise, though. Instead of having individual rising faces, they cut them together in a montage ending with Steph. Innovative.”

Jason Concepcion,


Opening Night

Opening night for what would become a championship season was a celebration for the First Person team. Rarely does a group of designers and project managers get to see their work as 20,000 people cheer. We were so excited to a part of such a great season and look forward to more work with the Warriors franchise.

Gsw Pics13