SD-WAN Comedy Series

Grid of stills from the SD-WAN video

Riverbed had a challenge. How could they differentiate their SD-WAN capabilities from all the other companies in that very crowded space, and how could they get heard above that noisy marketing landscape? First Person and Riverbed settled on a strategy to deploy short comedic vignettes that would play well across mobile and social platforms. It was crucial to make them entertaining enough to get organic/viral traction on their own, not simply be another round of promoted commercials.

Creative Director Ty Bardi crafted four spots, each based on the four pillars of their value proposition: Smart, Simple, Agile, and Secure. In each one, the hapless Chuck demonstrates the exact opposite of those principals. Chuck’s not smart, he’s not agile, and he doesn’t know a lot about simplicity. It’s the failure that makes it funny!