The Near Future

For Ivory Worldwide

A realistic glimpse of a fictional world

It's not Science Fiction, it's Science (soon-to-be) Fact

First Person partnered with Ivory Worldwide and Ivory Creative Director Dave Mackie to create "Near Future," a short film offering a realistic glimpse of a fictional world that is about to become reality. It's not Science Fiction, it's Science (soon-to-be) Fact. 

To make this film, First Person extensively researched the technological trends and advances that will be coming to market over the next 5 years, and extrapolated how those technologies might be integrated into daily life.  It draws on technologies that we know are coming soon, such as self-driving cars and 4K video conferencing, but also imagines less obvious advances such as the convergence of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.  As we've previously seen, imagining it actually makes it more likely to happen. Inventing this near-future reality from scratch can influence the actual reality that will built by engineers who have seen the imagining.   

The film, originally commissioned by Cable Labs to demonstrate the possibilities of high-speed, low-latency networks, uses VFX to create a completely believable world, speculating how the devices will work and what the design and functionality of the user interfaces might be like. 

Ivo 3779 Near Future 02

Virtual Reality World

Behind the scenes on the green screen

Ivo 3779 Near Future 03

Movie Magic

DP John Kiffmeyer and Director Dave Mackie plan the hallway transition.

All That Bandwidth

Making the future real

Imagine the bandwidth that it will take to download updates to your self driving car, play a virtual reality game, study on line and take an interactive video meeting all at the same time.  This is a huge amount of data streaming in and out of your home and the technology to deliver such bandwidth seems like it should be years away, but it isn’t. You have it in your house right now, if you have cable.
Inspired by this vast amount of data, we used feature-film quality, visual effects to bring this new world to life.  We researched and developed new techniques to make our shots true to the coming technology which all helped to bring Creative Director Dave Mackie’s vision to life.

Ivo 3779 Near Future 05

Ivo 3779 Near Future 06

Ivo 3779 Near Future 07

Ivo 3779 Near Future 08


3D Research & Development

Ivo 3779 Near Future 09