We Are eBay

eBay’s 20th Anniversary Seller Event

eBay’s Commitment to Buyers and Sellers

First Person has a long history of creating graphics and animations for large-scale events. From crazy aspect ratios, animated led’s, to motion captured dancers, we love to create engaging and inspiring conference visuals. So when Instinctif Partners wanted to team up with an agency to help them create animated and live action content for eBay’s 20th anniversary event called “We are 20", First Person was the perfect choice. 

Working closely to incorporate the strategic business value and needs from Instinctif’s creative team, First Person delivered animated and live action visuals that helped reaffirm eBay’s commitment to their community of buyers and sellers—the foundation of the eBay platform. To convey this commitment, we interviewed sellers and crafted visual stories centered around eBay’s relationship with it’s diverse community. 

With interviews that made people laugh, and a CEO speech worthy of a standing ovation, First Person and Instinctif’s successful partnership helped bring the event to life, showing eBay sellers that they hadn’t been forgotten, and that they are an integral part of eBay.

Our Story

Day One Opener

First Person created a seller focused opening video which showed the history of eBay and the global reach of sellers. 

We followed the history of eBay—from it’s inception in a dark room to the global expansion—that has transformed global commerce. The video was reaffirmation of the company’s love for the eBay seller community and highlighted many of the different and special objects that people all around the world sell on eBay, reminding the audience that eBay is nothing without it’s sellers and buyers.

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Ins 3594 E Bay Seller Event Opener 6000X1080 30Fps Pro Res Lt V045 960


Day Two Opener

A fast paced motion graphics opener for day two of the conference, this video aimed to excite the audience and show important information and MegaTrends happening in the buying and selling environment. It was a rally cry to the eBay seller community, showing different opportunities, and how eBay and sellers could work together.

Customer Interviews

Nine eBay sellers were invited to be interviewed about their experiences with eBay. They spoke about the benefits of growth, global community, and tips and tricks to help other sellers. The interviews showed the reach and even careers that eBay has enabled over the years. The interviewees explained that no matter the size of your business, there is a community of sellers who have been through the same problems and triumphs. 

Direct from sellers mouths to other sellers. These interviews are funny and insightful giving a small peak into the lives of all different types of sellers. 

CEO Devin Wenig's Keynote Visuals

Devin wanted a unique look for his keynote speech during the event. As new CEO, he wanted to match the simple and elegant event brand, while also incorporating a futuristic and visionary feel. At the end of his presentation, Devin was given a standing ovation as he was welcomed as eBay’s CEO. First Person was very pleased to have been a part of his debut.

Ins 3594 01 Name Card 6 K Devin Wenig

Devin Wenig - Walk-in

Clean but playful, our introductions welcomed speakers to the stage. This is just one of the many titles we created for the event.

Ins 3594 E Bay Walk In Loop V4

Audience Walk-in

The walk-in video was used while the audience filed in and out of the event. The animation served key messages about the event in a way that didn’t feel like a simple, repeating loop. We used 3D space to create depth and form unexpected shapes with the colored balls.