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Market Price Tonight

Creating the new way to book the best, last-minute restaurant reservations.

Market Price Tonight is an app that provides unprecedented access to a curated collection of the world’s best restaurants. The founders came to First Person with just an idea that needed to be branded, designed, and developed, so that they could secure investment, and partner with restaurants. First Person worked with the Market Price team to establish an elegant, high-class look and feel for the brand and identity package.

Not only did we design the experience of the iOS mobile app, which allows users to bid on table reservations to the most exclusive restaurants, but we also created and delivered a responsive website accessible on any device to promote the app. First Person was involved in every aspect of the project, from initial concept, to user experience, wireframes, design, and development.

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A Sophisticated Brand

Market Price is an app you can trust to get you the best seats in the house.

First Person developed brand around the ideas of elegance and trust. We wanted the brand to feel luxurious but uncomplicated. We know how valuable time is to our users, and the logo communicates that understanding. Our color palette conveys a sense of richness using deep, classic colors. That branding translates into the app with stunning restaurant images that highlight the quality of partnered restaurants.

Your Time Is Valuable

Reservations Made Easy
Reservations Made Easy

We were able to distill the application experience to best and most necessary components, making booking a table through the app fast and easy to do. The user is be able to bid on a table in three easy steps: hit bid now, enter a price, then submit.

Promotion online
Promotion online

You can learn about how the app works and how it benefits not only the users reserving tables, but also the restaurants looking to increase their bottom line on the website.

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