Horizons Case Study

Look behind the scenes

Intel came to Doremus asking for them to create a video that showed a vision of the future of education with Intel products at its center. Michael Litchfield, our close partner at the agency, came to First Person to help him tackle this challenge. This was a particularly difficult one since Intel had missed the first wave of tablet computing and was losing favor in the education market in general. Another key request was that the video focus on a future of education that teachers would really want. Intel's research had shown that many educators found technology getting between them and their students.

The world that we created featured a wall size touchscreen that placed the teacher right at the center. Rather than self running videos or lessons, this was teacher directed supporting content. Since the lesson plan focused around the creation of a bridge the screen was used for showing sample bridges, learning about bridge structures, and navigating the lessons. It also served as an extension of the students tablet for collaborating and experimenting as well as a large telepresence environment for competing with other schools or talking with experts.

Since none of this software existed, First Person had to design and write all of the content on the screens. To make this software appear real, we chose to use Windows 8 as the jumping off point for the interface. This provided a nice visual cohesion and recognition with audiences.

This video has really helped Intel explain how it sees its hardware ecosystem serving the connected classroom and created a vision that is compelling to students and educators alike.