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  • APRIL 5, 2022
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Digitally Generated People and Emotionally Resonant Experiences

Eric Melin

Creative Director

Since 1P is essentially part strategic consultancy and part agency, our first step in partnership with you is Discovery as a Service, a collaborative process to help you solve the most complex business problems facing you right now. Once a Unified Narrative Framework is developed and agreed upon, we begin telling inspired stories to support that strategy.

Whether it's for a live event or a fully produced video, that often means hiring actors, film crews, sound, lighting, building sets, and renting all the associated equipment. But that can be expensive. And getting all of the required time from the c-suite that’s actually needed to successfully produce a huge presentation? It ain’t easy—or even possible, sometimes.

So how did Nvidia create that amazing moment where CEO Jensen Huang’s kitchen—the place he’d been delivering all the company’s pandemic-era addresses from for months—suddenly disappeared to reveal that he was actually in a digitally-created holodeck in their own Omniverse? Without their CEO, it turns out. He never delivered that part of the address:

He was digitized—and then fully animated by AI for portions of the keynote. Just think of the capabilities.

We can now previsualize an entire virtual conference—from scripts and camera angles to sets and backgrounds and everything in between—without having to carve out valuable time from executive schedules. Or we can just do the whole thing virtually. That means having the ability to iterate on all visual aspects of the conference right up until the end, with no need to pull it all off “live” or at one stressful, particular, expensive moment.

We are developing workflows around these kinds of technologies here at 1P. Here’s our Director of Animation experimenting by tying his voice into live face-scanning—and virtual breakdancing:

AI has come a long way and it’s easier than ever to use. AI helped this man propose to his wife in her native language of Mandarin—which he doesn’t even speak.

It was so emotional for her that it brought her to tears.

We are a storytelling company—with a passion for elevating new technology to create new techniques that will allow us to create as many customized customer journeys as our clients need to support their account-based marketing efforts. So, for example, you need to make a training video in 12 languages at once? Yeah, that’s possible.

Nvidia Omniverse Avatars were used to build Project Maxine, which integrates real-time natural language processing/translation and text-to-speech with photo animation “live portrait” and eye contact in real time. Mercedes is using this tech to create in-vehicle digital concierges that interact with car owners.

We’re embracing nascent technology to create new kinds of emotionally resonant experiences—and to create new workflows, moving faster than ever to help our clients connect to their audiences.

The Story at the Center blog shares insights and strategies that have helped organizations—from startups to Fortune 100s—harness the power of storytelling to navigate complexities and dominate their markets.

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