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Rapid Storybuilding Workshop

Build and tell stories to communicate and sell ideas.

Storytelling is everywhere. Although many of us are great storytellers, we’re not necessarily great storybuilders. Our Storybuilding Workshop helps strengthen your understanding of story structures and how they can be used to build compelling stories that connect with audiences and sell through your ideas.

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About the Workshop

In this workshop you’ll learn, apply, and practice the art and science of storybuilding. We’ll walk you through the purpose and value of story, and show you the structure all great stories share.

You’ll practice building those structures, then apply it to specific audiences you identify, weaving in the natural emotional triggers that make a story felt and not just heard.

Then we’ll dive into presenting your story. Real-world examples will show how each story component is used to build a presentation worth remembering, including the role visual support plays in effectively communicating ideas.

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First Person’s storytelling workshop helped our marketing team completely rethink how we present our ideas. It was awesome.

Michael Rowell,
CEO of Artica


Understand the value, purpose, and structure of story so that you can quickly and easily construct compelling narratives.

Gain insight into audience empathy to fine tune stories towards specific audiences.

Enhance presentation skills to connect to audiences where they are.

Craft stories that persuade stakeholders and sell ideas.

Improve visual support and presentation building through purposeful, story-first outlines and practices.


  • 1

    Introduction to Story

    Story Structures

    Emotional Resonance

  • 2

    Audience Empathy

    The Story Experience



  • 3

    Storybuilding Process

    Universal Structures

    Building Blocks

  • 4

    Storytelling That Moves

    Famous Presentations

    The Role of the Deck

    Audience Understanding

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hours with breaks (full day)

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