Our process helps unify your brand message

Our process helps unify your brand message

First Person has over 18 years of collective

experience helping brands maximize their impact by

delivering a single vision.

How We’re Different

Agile Workflow
Agile Workflow

Our engagements are structured as on-demand weekly sprints focused on Discover, Ideate or Build

Collaborative Process
Collaborative Process

Progress is shared weekly to ensure your team’s expertise has greater influence over the outcome.

Story Design
Story Design

We employ a design-thinking approach to co-creation to ensure the stories we tell move both the audience and your business.

Creative Special Forces
Creative Special Forces

In addition to our Creative Directors, Art Directors and Artists, we curate a highly specialized partner talent pool who excel at specific skills which elevate the production value of executed work.

Discover Grads No Scale


1p I 3757 Figure Discover 2x
Ideate No Scale


1p I 3757 Figure Ideate 2x
Build No Scale


1p I 3757 Figure Build 2x

The Core Team


The strategic and relationship
team leader.


The tactical genius who problem-solves with clients and predictively navigates the project.

The Core Team

The creative spark that ignites audiences through compelling concepts and stories.


The designer that binds the visual framework together.

Driven by the Narrative

Using our proven process, we work across functions and silos to capture the most important perspectives in your organization, bringing them together in time for your next big thing. A product launch, event, customer engagement, or online experience. As a result, First Person is uniquely capable of telling B2B stories that most other agencies have no interest or ability to tell.

1p I 3757 Figure Process Machine 2x

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