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After developing a new brand built around a new category, Lookout wanted to announce it to the world.

Their goal: Shift categories from a SASE cybersecurity product company to a holistic Data-Centric Security platform recognized as a Gartner Visionary.

Their plan: Partner with 1P to reimagine the website by putting a new Story at the Center told through an entirely new information architecture, look and feel.

THE challenge

Uncover the best way to tell a unified Story for Lookout’s consumer and enterprise businesses.

Previously, Lookout’s consumer and enterprise businesses operated relatively independently. Each had its own website that told different product-centric stories. Lookout only had one brand, but it was represented on both websites but in slightly different ways, which made it confusing for everyone. Was Lookout the consumer brand the same thing as Lookout the enterprise brand?


A B2M (Business-to-many) web experience.

Lookout’s new brand transcended either side of their business by telling a unified Story about protecting data for consumers and enterprises alike, no matter where or how it moves. To bring this Story to life on the web, 1P helped Lookout reframe Lookout.com as a B2M (Business-to-many) user experience.

This approach simplified UX for users, made it easier for each business unit to thrive in a shared webspace, and made it clear that Lookout is the one Data-Centric Cloud Security company for people and businesses everywhere.

  • Tie together the consumer and enterprise sides of the business under one Story
  • Build confidence in consumer and business customers alike by showing the breadth of Lookout’s solutions
  • Segment information to make it clear where each type of customer should go
  • Allow Lookout’s difference business units flexibility to own their respective parts of the website, while maintaining a unified UX and storytelling experience
site structure

Get stakeholders aligned on a new approach.

Getting the C-Suite and leaders from each side of the business in the same room to visualize what a unified Lookout.com could be was essential.

1P lead a Vision Acuity Workshop with practical exercises to help everyone see the advantages the new brand enabled. It also allowed stakeholders the opportunity to express their ideas, agree on direction, and even fix some old lingering problems—all at once.

Group of people in a meeting
Lookout workshop exercises
Workshop Exercises:
  • Website structural models and competitive positioning to align C-Suite with business and product leaders
  • Visual prototypes of information architecture and navigation to test ideas and align on approach
  • Identification and refinement of primary and secondary user archetypes
  • Alignment on Lookout’s strongest differentiators to focus website storytelling and prioritize the content strategy
information architecture

Put information in the right places using the right words.

The previous website held rich technical content that users found valuable, but it was challenging to locate.

To solve this, 1P built an information architecture that empowered consumer and enterprise divisions to tell unique stories while also simplifying navigation for users with taxonomy and information groupings that made everything more clear.

lookout story building


The navigation was designed to enhance the story and create more clarity about what Lookout does before users even get to a page.


We created a dynamic design system to make Lookout’s thousands of consumer and enterprise resources easier to find and manage.


The website’s Company section was completely rebuilt to stand as the beacon of storytelling for the new brand.


Help Lookout teams to move fast to get the new site live.

Lookout’s new visual identity was under development, but the site had to get done fast.  As a central strategic partner, 1P could synchronize multiple dependencies and workflows to accelerate launch.

We partnered with Lookout’s brand agency to create additional design elements required for launch. We stood up a complete design system in Lookout’s development environment and worked with their design, content, and development teams to ensure they could use it fast and effectively. Lastly, we partnered with Lookout’s SMEs and SEO agency to overhaul  copywriting for everything being published at launch.

Brand Expression

Web-specific visual designs were developed for the brand, including distinct variants for consumer and enterprise audiences.

Design Systemization

Designs were systemized in real-time directly in Lookout’s technical environment to accelerate site development.

Content & Copywriting

Unifying copywriting across the site into a new brand voice was a primary objective, but the formal Lookout brand voice guidelines had not been established yet. So, we helped develop and applied the voice to all copywriting across the new site.

To do this, we provided content templates for Lookout SMEs to complete, then established a workflow between our copywriting team, the SMEs, and Lookout’s SEO agency to accelerate approaced and SEO-optimizing copywriting that seamlessly flowed directly into the new design templates.


With a compelling brand story, simplified user experience, and agile design system, Lookout.com helps establish Lookout as the leader in Data-Centric Cloud Security.

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"I don’t give out compliments, but these people really know their sh*t. What First Person lead us through is just amazing."

Jim Dolce
Lookout Ceo

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