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  • FEBRUARY 21, 2024
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Visionary Voices: Pioneering Strategic Storytelling at First Person

Marcello Grande - Chief Strategy Officer/Executive Creative Director

Marcello Grande

Chief Strategy Officer/Executive Creative Director

Hello and welcome! I‘m Marcello Grande, Chief Strategy Officer, Executive Creative Director, and a proud co-founder of First Person.

At First Person, we blend the best of two worlds: the strategic foresight of a consultancy and the creative flair of an agency. Our focus is on helping B2B enterprise clients weave their unique narratives in an increasingly complex business landscape.

We believe in the power of story to transform and shape a better future—a vision that drives every relationship we engage in and every project we undertake.

So, who am I, beyond my professional designations?

Fundamentally, I‘m an individual fueled by ideas, a big-picture thinker who meticulously delves into details to unearth hidden insights. It might pique your interest to learn that my superpowers lie in visionary thinking, systems analysis, and my Myers-Briggs personality type is that of an Assertive Debater (ENTP-A).

From the inception of WESTERNIZED to the launch of First Person, my trajectory has been characterized by transcending the norms of traditional storytelling and challenging established paradigms.

Through this blog, you’ll gain perspectives not only from myself but also from fellow strategic thinkers at First Person. We’ll share our collective experiences, our victories, and our learning moments. Expect deep dives into the details of our processes, discussions on their application in enterprise contexts, and insights into our collaborations with C-suite executives.

Central to our discussions will be an emphasis on Story (with an intentional capital 'S'), vision as strategy, category design, narrative, and assisting influential companies through significant transformations, all while reshaping established thinking patterns with our distinctive and proven methodologies.

So, whether you're a business leader looking to refine your company's story or a curious mind eager to explore the intersection of strategy and creativity, this blog is for you. We promise a journey filled with insights, innovation, a bit of controversy, and of course, impactful storytelling. If you’ve got questions or ever want to talk, I’d love to hear from you.

Welcome to our world at First Person, where every story is an opportunity to shape the future.

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The Story at the Center blog shares insights and strategies that have helped organizations—from startups to Fortune 100s—harness the power of storytelling to navigate complexities and dominate their markets.

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