Device Knowledgebase: Over 1 Billion Devices

Narrative Strategy

The promise of IoT devices can only come to fruition if they are safe and secure.

Armis needed to shift its strategic messaging from focusing on network security to positioning itself as an innovator in a new category. The center of its device security was a knowledgebase of over a billion devices, growing every day—a scale orders of magnitude larger than any competitors.

1P created a bold new visual language to make that scale tangible, and to create clarity for an entire industry.

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the goal

Leveraging the design and story across channels

Armis 3D visual
armis device knowledgebase

Designed to Resonate

Awe-inspiring, cinematic short films envisioned the invisible Big Bang and explosive growth of IoT devices into our world, creating a foundation for brand storytelling going forward.

The story and visual design of the Device Knowledgebase became a key asset that was featured on the Armis homepage, across social channels, display ads, sales tools, and technical papers.

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visual language


Armis nodes graphic

Nodes exist in the Void, representing the many potential device profiles. Without Nodes there would be nothing to discover, map, index, or organize; thus the Device Knowledgebase cannot exist without them.

There are potentially billions of different possible profiles that can exist at any one time, thus there are billions of Nodes in the Void.

Armis nodes graphic

Nodes behave chaotically by default as they pop in and out of existence, fly around the Void, and collide with other Nodes. Some Nodes clump together to form Clusters, while others group in a hierarchy to form Matrices.


Armis strings graphic

When a Node is discovered by the Device Knowledgebase, it is connected by a String. Nodes on Strings are no longer potential profiles, but profiles that have been ingested into the Device Knowledgebase.

Strings are the foundation of the Device Knowledgebase and represent the outward mapping of Nodes.

Armis strings graphic

Strings do not necessarily represent network connections between devices, but rather the path of discovery from profile to profile as they are indexed.

As Strings grow and branch into larger structures, they form Trees.


Armis containers graphic

As Strings extend from Node to Node throughout the Void, the Device Knowledgebase begins the process of comparative association with Containers. Containers exist to encapsulate groups of similar nodes categorized by any number of attributes.

Armis 3D graphics visual

A Container may collect profiles of devices with the same manufacturer, or devices that are constantly pinging other devices over a network. This large range in scale means Containers frequently overlap or fall within others like a Venn diagram.

armis Device Knowledgebase

Delivering on the Promise of the New World

Thanks to the power of the Device Knowledgebase, Armis has enabled companies to “See and Secure Every Thing,” eliminating the massive blind spot that agentless devices create.

Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition—sourced across billions of devices—work together to assure devices are safe.

Armis 3D graphics visual
Armis 3D graphics visual
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The promise of all these new devices can only come to fruition if they are safe and secure.

We’re making that happen, and First Person has provided the visual and strategic landscape to bring that vision to life.


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