Cable Labs

Near Future
Storytelling Campaign

Narrative Strategy

First Person and director David Mackie helped launch CableLabs’ Near Future project eight years ago with an energetic short film about a multi-generational family that had fun and bonded through emerging technologies like VR.

So we were thrilled to be reunited and bring a new family story to life in 2022, balancing a narrative arc that’s both fun and emotional with exciting CableLabs’ technology like holographic displays and augmented reality.

Close up of 3D rendered tiger.
future casting

It's a fun watch.

Screen shot from the final video of a life-sized, holographic, virtual meeting
collage of clips from the video showcasing vr technology integrated into our every-day future.
The son of the maincharacter doing his homework with the help of VR.

A Little Pride

Bunnies, tigers, and oceans…those things that have always been considered very, very difficult to make in computer graphics. Ok…maybe not bunnies, but tigers and oceans?

To make this film, First Person leveraged a myriad of tried-and-true tools and techniques, as well as dabbling into more experimental workflows around emerging AI and ML tools.

The result: 1P was able to deliver a quality of visuals normally reserved for blockbuster movies – within a 8-week schedule.

Behind The Scenes

Layers of research, strategy, and planning went into our detailed shot lists at every stage of production. Unique workflows were created using real-time facial capture, machine-learning rotoscoping, and several rounds of AI enhancements.

Lg Quote Mark

Wanted to say big thanks for 1P on the Mañana Cabaña. It worked out great. We’re chuffed.

We got every shot we asked for plus some extras.

david mackie
The voice actors face with 3D mapping on it.
The animated character  synched up with the voice actors dialogue due to the 3D mapping technology.
collage of clips from the video showcasing vr technology integrated into our every-day future.

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