Artica, a next-gen suite of intelligent commerce tools, stands out in a bold way.

Digital Experience Design

Artica partnered with 1P to clarify and align value for in-development products—identifying the heart of relevancy for our experience.

The outcome is a highly personalized web destination that speaks to multiple audiences through a single story framework. With deep integrations in Artica’s pipeline and ABM strategy, we helped connect customers to answer one of the hardest questions in business decision-making: What if you could know?

Artica’s offering does something revolutionary: it helps you know how to make the right critical e-commerce product development and business decisions.

How could we create an experience that is as intelligent and bold as Artica’s product suite? By making the site highly personalized and breaking free of B2B experience expectations. Like Artica, we become explorers to create something new: a fully immersive 3D website for the mobile web.

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First-person combined best-in-class personalization with stunning 3d-models to create a story that captivates our audience rather than just sell to them. They helped us push beyond industry norms and effectively communicate our complex value prop.

Michael Rowell,
CEO of Artica
Artica story


Product offering and key value propositions while it was still evolving in development.


Storybuilding Workshop

Stories are most powerful when they’re shared. This is not a story about just Artica, or the audience, but the story that could exist between them.

To do this, we have to ensure that value is mutually understood, and grounded in truth. We started by collaborating with the Artica team to refine our audience through this lens.

Artica align


Integrate personalized elements and mechanisms to make the experience relevant, while also preserving and building trust

Artica shared story


Identified and prioritized core audiences into a story with multiple audience relevancy lenses.


From Story to Small Screen

With a powerful narrative addressing the needs of our key audiences, we began an iterative approach to visual concepting.

Pipeline + ABM Integration

Artica building trust

Building Trust and Reducing Friction

With an aligned story and concept, we began to explore where moments of personalization could improve the user experience and align with Artica’s pipeline and ABM needs.

We needed to ensure a great user experience that built trust before asking something of the user, as well as collect that data safely and securely. The end result allowed for a site that can operate in both standard personalization or ABM-targeted content modes.

Artica making image

Making It Work

We collaborated with the Artica team to identify the most secure and performant mechanisms for site needs, as well as roles and responsibilities to help us be successful together in technology build-out.

This highly collaborative process resulted in seamless integration with Artica’s systems at deployment time.

Site development

World Building

There aren’t many sites like this on the web: it requires a high degree of bespoke integrations and purpose-built design and development. To create a mobile-first web experience required every construction and optimization strategy we could employ.

Original assets ranged from 300 to 600mb in size. We needed to decrease our payload significantly. We leveraged a host of tools and processes to reduce weight to less than 7mb, delivered via a single payload.

The site was built using a react-based three.js renderer to allow for greater performance and management. Next.js allowed for server-side rendering and SEO indexing. A custom parallax library (Alchemy) was created to manage the timeline between content presentation and 3D scenery. We leveraged anime.js for animation, ultimately modified heavily, to allow for greater performance and accuracy.

Visual effects including shaders for effects and atmospheric conditions were custom authored for lightweight rendering.

The result is a site that loads and draws faster than most standard websites, but is wholly unconventional in experience.


An immersive, personalized experience that announces Artica’s presence, establishes value and builds trust to enable a powerful first impression.

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