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The Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley wanted to re-invent how it spoke to potential MBAs.

A discovery workshop and competitive audit revealed untapped layers of messaging potential.

So, in the spirit of Berkeley’s legacy of individuality, we rejected convention and went our own way.

The challenge

Evolve Haas Business School’s message while keeping ties with Berkeley’s distinct brand.

the solution

Unlock previously untapped messaging potential through a sensory experience.

Beginning with audience empathy mapping, we tapped into the critical drivers of potential applicants, namely their drive to seek practical, balanced ways of leveling up their skillset and leaving their dent in a world that feels uncertain.

We used these findings to craft bespoke messaging that underlined the value of Haas, and presented it in a tactile brochure inspired by Haas’s vision for their graduates, as well as the spirit of the campus itself.

Berkeley Textures

The inspiring tones, textures, structures, and visuals around the Haas campus were incorporated into the brochure

Univers Typography

Far from a sterile and buttoned-up typeface, the incredibly expressive and flexible Univers family was fully realized.

Style - Color Forward

Overprinting, restrained vibrant color, contrast, and monochromatic or duotone photography created a distinct but integrated palette.

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Reaching MBA’s with a tactile message that resonates

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The Epicenter of What’s Next

Facing rapid technological change, MBA students want to ensure their degree is future-proof.

Students are under no illusion that technology is shifting the playing field at an alarming rate.Students are under no illusion that technology is shifting the playing field at an alarming rate.

So, 1P also created “The Epicenter of What’s Next”, to show how a Berkeley Haas MBA is like no other MBA program for two prescient reasons: Berkeley’s progressive thinking and Silicon Valley’s disruptive innovation.

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This design work breaks the mold of what’s considered safe for a business school, and that’s exactly what we were looking for.

It’s eye-catching, versatile, yet instantly recognizable as Berkeley Haas.”

Bill Pearce
Assistant Dean, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing FacultyHaas School of Business

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