Redefining a legacy to unlock epic cybersecurity potential

360 Campaign

BlackBerry’s pioneering handheld devices invented the remote workforce.

Since losing its dominant position in that market, however, the company quietly diversified—offering government-grade mobile protection across multiple verticals. So BlackBerry recruited 1P to create an extendable campaign that would re-establish trust and reframe its 30-year legacy in secure mobility.

Blackberry hero collage
the challenge

Shift perception of an iconic brand and build a new runway for growth.

the solution

An awe-inspiring narrative that ties BlackBerry’s history directly to its vision for the future.

Epic storytelling

The “Epic” campaign combined visually stunning hero imagery in surprising settings with stories that reintroduced BlackBerry as the trusted cybersecurity company that protects everything you touch.

Print, digital, and social media

The media strategy included full-page ads in the New York Times and Washington Post, display ads on Wired, Business Insider, Forbes, the New York Times, and Washington Post—along with paid social media on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Reddit.

Website redesign

A new visual system incorporated and refreshed BlackBerry’s iconic bullet logo as a portal to all the places where its AI-powered intelligent security gives companies the confidence to follow inspiration. Everywhere.

Epic results

70.9M impressions online and in print

lift in website traffic
27% more engagement than projected
1.22% CTR
broke all records for a display tactic
Mid-market evolution

The campaign was designed to resonate at the highest brand level with the ability to extend—seamlessly supporting BlackBerry mid-market offerings in multiple verticals.

Disaster Averted spot

Success in cybersecurity is unseen. This video peels back that invisible layer to visualize disaster in a critical industry—alongside that same disaster, averted by BlackBerry MDR experts and Cylance AI, the longest-running cyber AI on Earth.

Static ads

Extending the dual-layer visual theme of the video and the hero imagery from the Epic campaign, these ads tell varied stories of how BlackBerry’s AI-powered protection keeps other crucial industries safe from cybersecurity threats.

more epic RESULTS

5M YouTube views and counting

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Epic. It was the name of one of the concepts First Person presented for the BlackBerry rebrand. But epic is how I would describe the entire process working with them. Epic thinking. Epic collaboration. And epic execution. And now, thanks to First Person, we’re seeing epic results.“

Brian Clevenger
VP, Corporate Marketing
Blackberry stage screen
Blackberry convention floor
Blackberry convention timelapse
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