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Brand Building

After Siemens acquired two real estate technology companies, they teamed up with 1P to create a net new brand to unify them, inspire employees, and position them as an emergent leader in a new category.

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THE challenge

Different brands. Different categories.

Comfy was a workplace platform that connected people, places, and systems in one app to create better workplace experiences.

Enlighted offered IoT solutions for smart buildings with sensor technology, lighting controls, and real-time data collection.

Acquired under Siemens Smart Infrastructure, each company clearly brought capabilities that could help Siemens advance it’s vision of “creating environments that care.”

Two companies in different categories with different offerings, customers, and competitors. How could they unite under a new brand without risking their existing market positions?

We helped them think about their value through a new lens focused on outcomes for people, portfolios, and the planet.

As a unified brand, they could offer CRE customers something no one else could: the ability to solve space, productivity, and sustainability needs—all at once.

the solution

One story with a powerful perspective


Research, Workshops, Synthesis

First, we gathered perspectives from 30+ stakeholders across all three companies: Comfy, Enlighted, and Siemens.

Then we dove deep into the a fragmented real estate technology market to uncover the right positioning opportunities.

Throughout the project, we facilitated a series of stakeholder alignment meetings to showcase the evidence-based positioning and value prop strategy we were developing in real-time.

exploring brand architecture

Exploring brand architecture

Examination of the optimal way to position the new brand in relation to Siemens (parent corp).

Researching market opportunities

Researching market opportunities

The competitive landscape was fragmented and moving fast, where could the brand perform and capture marketshare?

uncovering the right position

Uncovering the right position

We uncovered opportunities to stand out in a crowded market and crossover into new sub-categories.


Unified Narrative Framework

With agreement on strategy, it was time to build a brand that would carry an impact-focused story to the world.

The UNF® provided the actionable blueprint to launch the brand, built around the concept of Regenerative Spaces.

The document contains brand strategy, positioning, copywriting and more to accelerate teams’ ability to start telling unified stories across channels.

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Brand Guidelines

From brilliant building technology to delightful occupant experiences, Enlighted’s integrated solutions are the brightest ways to operate, orchestrate, and optimize space investments.


The geometry of the Enlighted logo balances symmetrical space, and circumferences with fixed width lines. This geometry informs the word-mark and pattern system, and has been made to work together seamlessly.

Color Palette

The Enlighted system uses a sophisticated palette that takes its cues from nature. They are applied liberally in conjunction with the cool gray of the neutral palette. Gradients and accents are meant to be used in moderation.


The patterns simultaneously emulate the logo and all the invisible waves our bodies are reacting to when we digest the audio and visuals around us. These patterns are used throughout to add texture and guide your eyes around a design.


This iconography continues the use of the geometry and brand colors in order to stay unified within the brand. They’re dynamic and show depth using dimension and layering. Use these to punctuate a text heavy design and emphasize a point.

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I am beyond excited to present Enlighted's NEW brand look and feel, complete with a new logo, brand colors, and messaging. This unified brand will be a game changer - not only in how we go to market, but we come together as a company.”

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