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This limited-edition book commemorates 30 years of innovation and the profound positive impact Omnicell has had—and continues to have—on peoples lives.

It also serves as the definitive history and celebration of Omnicell’s culture, people, and vision.

Omnicell printed book cover
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30 Years of Innovation

For three decades, Omnicell’s medication management solutions have made a significant impact on patient health and safety across the world. Yet the story of the company—one of very few Silicon Valley startups-turned-public companies still led by its founder 30 years later—had never been told.

With the creation of a thoughtfully written and beautifully designed 220-pg. hardcover book, 1P changed that.

Omnicell: 30 Years of Innovation illuminates the inspiring story of one father’s mission to improve patient safety—and how it evolved into a movement to transform pharmacy.

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As Omnicell’s agency of record for four years, we amassed a significant amount of collective knowledge. To create a dynamic and emotional story, however, we needed to capture the first-hand experiences of those who "bled green.”

We conducted over 100 interviews with customers, employees, and investors, past and present—including five candid, in-depth sessions with Omnicell Chairman, President, CEO, and Founder, Randall A. Lipps.

Using our Discovery as a Service method for complex problem-solving, we began to synthesize these divergent perspectives.

Randy Lippa and First Person Zoom screen shots from the actual interviews.
Screen shot of the Miro board form the narrative process, showing a collection of interview snippets in shronological order along side old photos and sketches from Omnicell.

Narrative Strategy

To give the book relevance and gravity, we compiled extensive research into a narrative timeline that mapped Omnicell's development with parallel narratives in healthcare, technology, and cultural events. Common themes about employee passion and company mission emerged and were strategically interwoven into the main narrative.

Humorous anecdotes and personal reflections that didn’t fit into the driving narrative were explored as sidebars.

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A Visual Evolution

The design needed to be timeless—not merely tied to Omnicell today, but also to its past and future.

A fresh group of fonts, some color additions, and a new grid system were developed that are unique to the corporate brand identity.

The layout choices prioritized the emotion and urgency of the narrative.

Design Framework

The larger narrative was divided into seven chapters, each with four to five distinct segments that chronicle different facets of Omnicell's development.

Six imaged of the pook opened and lying flat to show examples of compelling whole spread designs.

Creating Intrigue

In addition to assorted graphic elements like photo spreads, timelines, charts and—yes—bingo cards, the book unexpectedly contains two double gatefolds that engage readers on a more playful level and allow a more immersive look at important aspects of the company.

An image of The Omnicell book opened to the double gate fold spread showing the company timeline.

A Tactile Experience

The richness of the story had to be reflected in the book’s physicality. Printed on an 8-color Heidelberg, with a linen-wrapped hardcover, debossed and foil stamped, with endbands and a ribbon bookmark.

A montage of textures of the book. A close up of the cover showing the foil and debossing, the spine with the ribbon book mark sticking out, the linen, foil and paper samples in a pile.

An Event

To create excitement and drama in the unboxing moment, 1P packaged the book in a box that previewed key design elements, contained an introductory narrative leading to a hand-numbered, letterpressed message on heavy card stock, signed by Randall Lipps, and finally—revealed the book.

A montage of the book packaging: the outside, then it opened with the not from randall on top, then the protective green paper folded back revealing the book.
Lg Quote Mark

The book is classy and beautiful, just as I expected. Top notch quality, professional work through and through. Presents the book extremely well. Thank you for all you’ve done to bring this book to fruition!!

Vicki MacDevitt,
Omnicell, Chief of Staff

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