Home Depot

Turning DIY into “Let us do it for you”

Digital Experience Design

With the goal of raising in-store traffic awareness about its end-to-end contractor services, The Home Depot partnered with 1P to design and develop an engaging customer-facing interactive experience.

The result reinvented how customers find, choose, and schedule Home Services.

Home Depot kiosk start screen
the service kiosk
Home Depot kiosk collage visual
the challenge

Crafting the Perfect Farmhouse

While there are many styles that could represent the quintessential American home, based on available service consumer data, we created an aspirational, modern farmhouse that also allowed for the perfect balance of service visibility and easy navigation.

It’s very popular among newer developments, uses a wide variety of materials, and represents the most contemporary, desirable style within reach.

the process

Defining the Architecture

We worked closely with the Home Depot and Zivelo teams to balance business needs and technological requirements for existing systems and integrations.

This resulted in a frictionless user experience that routed leads directly to local store associates

Home Depot Kiosk Planning
Home Depot schematic diagram - outside
Home Depot Tech Requirements
Home Depot platform diagram
Home Depot schematic diagram - inside
the strategy

Attracting Attention

Since the kiosk was on the end cap of prime real estate within the store, we built a stunning attract loop that sold the features of the services and invited customers to come interact with the display.

It served as a beautiful advertisement that created awareness and drove interactions with the Kiosk.

the Stats

Over 80% Engagement

Available Services
Secure, scalable, and easy-to-navigate: The kiosk showcased diverse offerings, plus SMS services, activity analytics, and configurable views.
Photo-realistic Rooms
3D house with contemporary style created from scratch, using physics-based rendering to depict real-world lighting.
Home Depot kiosk collage visual

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