A strategic shift to security for the company that built the network.

Brand Building

In 2015, 1P was tasked with repositioning Cisco from the company that pioneered network architecture to the security leader protecting it.

They needed stories that distilled complex enterprise IT messaging while communicating value through an evolving narrative structure that didn’t just inform, but entertained.

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the challenge

Shift perceptions from the company that built the network to the security leader that protects it.

the solution

Powerful storytelling grounded in understanding problems and revealing business value.

From new vertical awareness to dominant market force.

Bold stories told across diverse stylistic approaches engaged and surprised audiences—each united by a wider narrative focused on values that make Cisco the network security of choice.

the Process

Disrupting Perceptions

Traditionally known for networking, Cisco needed their voice heard in the crowded and fast-moving security space. Defying the market’s traditionally drab approach to messaging, 1P created a bold, fast-paced, and conversational voice to embody Cisco’s category shift.

The first campaign, Lights Out, took the point-of-view of a CSO wrestling with a single question. Are we secure? The collaboration grew into an expansive series of campaigns highlighting Cisco’s values: Simple, Open, Automated, and Effective—always built on the idea that Cisco built the network, so who better to secure it?

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Lights Out

A simple system that allows you to integrate all of your security in a single view. Advantage: You.

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Anatomy of an Attack

The cinematic video series breaks down how cyberattacks happen, debunks preconceptions and demonstrates their devastating repercussions.

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Dave The IT Guy

Dave The IT Guy In this series, Dave, the company’s security expert, distills network security-related situations into simple concepts his hapless co-workers can better understand. The result is laugh-out-loud.

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NetOps + SecOps

One CEO’s vision for the future is another product team’s deadline. This fast-paced drama reveals how Cisco security enables NetOps and SecOps to merge, so security is built into the network.

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The More The Merrier

Good talent is hard to find, but a CISO can dream, right? This imaginative scenario shows how automation helps teams scale with threats.

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Threat Hunter

A tense moment in the boardroom turns into a cat and mouse thriller between a SecOps Engineer and a bad actor, while Cisco plays the role of moving teams from exposed to empowered.

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Good News

Not every notification can be good news, and with OPSec, it rarely is. At least Cisco can help you see the stuff that really matters.

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Over 100m users secured by Cisco security.

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Evolving Narrative

Bold stories told across diverse stylistic approaches engaged and surprised audiences—each united by a wider narrative focused on values that make Cisco the network security of choice.

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Throughout the development of exciting narrative-driven dramas, animated tech explainers, and customer success stories, First Person has been an essential strategic partner. Our work together has resulted in the highest performing assets in the portfolio.”

Senior Director Product Marketing
Cisco Security

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