Automate the pharmacy. Eliminate medication errors forever.

Brand Building

Omnicell partnered with 1P to develop a game-changing idea—one that would ignite the passion of pharmacy trailblazers everywhere and completely transform its business. The result created an entirely new healthcare category: the bold, zero-error future of the Autonomous Pharmacy.

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Illuminating the path forward that will re-invent pharmacy care delivery.

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The launch

The fresh brand identity and groundbreaking value proposition achieved company-high results and boosted stock prices.

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attributed to marketing incremental revenue, RFID & Rich Data tracked each interaction and every customer engagement
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You all ROCK!!! Communicating a change in direction is so difficult for a company of our age and success, yet you all exceeded my expectations on all fronts.

Randall A. Lipps
chairman, founder & CEO, OMNICell
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evolving vision

1P aligned stakeholders and synthesized value threads to help create the Autonomous Pharmacy. As Omnicell’s agency, we continue to build on that momentum, building innovative experiences to reach new customers.

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