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Cameron Baxter

Cameron Baxter

Project Manager

Born in San Francisco and raised in the mean streets of Marin County, Cameron is a 5th generation Californian.

At the University of Oregon, Cameron pursued a degree in Architecture and Art History. After college — and a brief but wildly successful stint in the fast paced career of valet parking — he started his career in production with a small studio shooting industrial videos for technology companies. The studio soon moved to post production, which gave him insight into the complete video pipeline. Cameron found the Bay Area production community to be not unlike himself: creative, collaborative, hard working, imaginative and fun(ny). His affinity for the people and their love of the craft has kept him firmly planted in the Bay Area production community for over 17 years.

Cameron enjoys the challenge of working with a team of creative comrades to meet unreasonable requests on tight deadlines, which is not to say there is anything wrong with reasonable requests within comfortable timelines. He also enjoys keeping the PM team entertained daily, often at his own expense.

Outside of the office, Cameron enjoys any and all things away from a computer: mountain biking, fishing, and introducing his two crumb-snatching children to the great outdoors.


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