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Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson


Kelly is a California life and health insurance agent with a background in HR and finance who has built her varied skill set-up over the years to work independently with multiple clients. She’s originally from Connecticut, but lived in the Virgin Islands for a decade, where—true story—she once played a round of golf with Bill Murray.

She is an avid fan of both music and comedy, so we’re assuming Kelly saw one too many Monty Python obsessive-compulsive accounting sketches as a kid and eventually took it to heart. She says she can’t live without laughter, and anyone who’s met Kelly has that thought immediately reinforced by her warm-hearted smile and full-throated belly laugh.

If she had one day to do anything at all without any budgetary or time constraints, Kelly would host a music festival with killer bands, like Golden Gate Park’s eclectic Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival—but just for friends and family.


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