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Marc Tamo

Marc Tamo

Director of Accounts

Marc was born and raised in Concord California, but fled at the first chance. Bouncing around the bay area, he has called Oakland his home since 1999. He attended Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, California, where he studied Mass Media Communications. Marc spent twelve years running a San Francisco punk rock label, but switched career paths into Cleantech PR, a drastic change, but a time he attributes massive personal growth to.

Joining First Person didn’t happen overnight. Marc met 1P founder, Marcello, at a friend’s party where they connected over art, music and a love for 1980s BMX. A few years later, First Person asked Marc to join the team.

A little known fact about Marc is that he was a devout breakdancer in fifth grade, toting his own boombox, roll of linoleum and spray bottle of Armor All to perfect his spins. Like several other First Person employees, Marc is a big Star Wars fan. He also enjoys bicycles. But mostly Marc is passionate about people, understanding where they came from and how they’ve become who they are today. He loves guitars, and can’t live without music, which introduced him to his wife and best friends.


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