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Carol Klammer

Carol Klammer

Art Director

Carol grew up in Harwich, MA which is right on the ​“elbow,” Atlantic side, of Cape Cod. As a teen she studied Graphic Arts at the Technical High School before going on to fulfill her Beach Boys influenced California dream. She googled ​“best art school in California” and landed at California College of the Arts in SF and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design.

From there she pursued science and nature related work, first as a science museum exhibit designer, then national park store product designer, and in-house communications art director for a conservancy.

She is passionate about nature and brings that sense of beauty and awe to her work. You can see evidence of this when you visit local national park stores, museums and other gift shops, and see her bestselling children’s book ​“The Mighty Golden Gate Bridge” along with other iconic national park store posters and products. Even if it’s not nature related, she loves elevating a good message and making complex information interesting to all.

Nature isn’t only a professional passion, her first love is bike riding, especially in the East Bay hills (dirt and road), finds solo backpacking regenerative, and when not on land she’s on the water racing or cruising a sailboat. In fact, her obsession with sailing has taken her across the Pacific to Hawaii on a 24ft boat. She also owned, raced, and lived on a boat for many years. Her current obsession…being the best dang Art Director you’ve seen at First Person and perfecting her pizza from scratch game.


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