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David Mayer

David Mayer

Director of Creative Technology

David is a systems thinker who finds patterns everywhere. As he puts it: ​”My entire worldview is composed of building blocks.” For nearly a decade now across agencies and disciplines, his speciality has been identifying patterns to align narrative, creative and technology in digital experiences.

While running his own agency in Milwaukee, David first collaborated with First Person for GE: ​“We developed the design and technology and First Person created the strategy and story. The result was a really great first date, and we decided to get hitched.” Before that, he worked in agency and consulting settings, as well as over a decade in retail omnichannel: helping Kohls​.com grow into a multi-billion dollar business as Manager of Digital Innovations.

David was a dance major at UW-Madison, as part of a hybrid program that blended modern dance, studio art, sound design and technology. That’s probably why he remains passionate about interdisciplinary artwork and enabling the collaborative creative process.

If you find your way to Wisconsin, you’ll likely find him motorcycling local backroads, walking the forest with his husband and dog, or relaxing while listening to electronic and contemporary classical music.


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